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Let your plumbing issues be handled by professionals, experts and experienced workers. We offer complete plumbing services for residential and commercial properties. Delivering guaranteed output, we are committed to win clients’ satisfaction. Trust us for the most reliable and affordable services for plumber Woodland CA!

What Makes Us Your Best Choice?

  • Licensed Plumbers
  • Over 10 years experience
  • Complete plumbing services for domestic and business sector
  • Emergency plumbing services
  • Skilled workers
  • Friendly and professional team
  • Application of latest equipment
  • 24/7 available and fast response time
  • Guaranteed Result
  • Budget friendly pricing

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We Work to Win Clients’ Satisfaction!

  • When it comes to the instruments we require to address your plumbing issues, we only use modern technology.
  • We never arrive late since we respect your time in this busy city. Make timely appointments using our sophisticated scheduling tool.
  • Our success depends on you. We place a high value on exceeding client expectations, which is why repeat business is so important to us. After reading our reviews, you’ll realize why.
  • We finish the job efficiently and neatly. Our highly skilled crew guarantees that every task is carried out flawlessly and that no task goes uncleaned.
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Our Plumbing Services in Woodland CA

All Plumbing Work Services

We provide all kinds of plumbing services

Water line Repair, Repiping, Replacement & Installation

Repair, Repiping & water line replacement services

Water Heater Maintenance & Installation

Tank Water Heater (Natural gas, Lp , Electric) & Tankless Water Heater

Water Softener Repair & Installation

We are expert in repair and installation of water softener

Toilet, Sewer and Drain Repair, Replacement & Installation

Toilet, Sewer & Drain repairing, replacement and installation services

Sewer Camera Inspection and Sewer unclog

Video camera inspection for sewer & drain cleaning

All Drainage Cleaning & Hydro Jetting

We Provide Full Drain Cleaning Services. Sewer and Drain Hydro Jetting

Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

We take care of your garbage disposal repair and installation

Gas Line Repair and Installation

We provide Gas Line Repair and Installation Services

Pressure Regulator Valve Repair & Replacement

Get your pressure valve repaired or replaced by us

Commercial and Restaurant Plumbing

Get all plumbing services related to Commercial & Resturants

Bathroom/kitchen remodeling

We provide bathroom/kitchen remodeling

Residential Plumbing

When selecting home care plumbing, request sincere, cost-free quotations. We are available to help you every day of the week, whether it be in the small hours of the morning or the middle of the night. No project is too big or too small for us to tackle, including drain and sewer cleaning, water heater installation or placemenair, faucet replacement , kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and everything you think about!

Commercial and Restaurant Plumbing

If you are looking for a commercial plumber Woodland CA, no need to look for somewhere else! Additionally, our clients in the business sector safely rely on us for their plumbing needs. Our talented and committed team, which has extensive expertise meeting the needs of residential and commercial properties, is the source of our continuously expanding reputation. We provide coverage for various types of commercial establishments, such as restaurants, shops, and warehouses.

We are experts in providing:

  • Bathroom upgrades services
  • Commercial kitchen remodels
  • Fixture installation and maintenance of fixture, toilet
  • Sewer, drain unclog, and hydro jetting services
  • Trenchless sewer restoration
  • Backflow prevention maintenance
  • Water heaters repairing and installation
  • Drain and sewer cleaning
  • Water, gas lines repiping
  • Repair and replacement of three compartment sink
  • Services for prep sink, mop sink, hand sink maintenance and installation
  • Grease trap cleaning and maintenance
  • Floor sink, floor drain and floor clean out services
  • Repair and replacement of Trap primer
  • Underground sewer system services
  • Sewer/drain venting services

Emergency Plumber Woodland CA

Plumbing emergencies are something nobody likes to face. Any kind of emergency is never convenient. The best company in Woodland for emergency services for homes, offices, and condominiums is Home Care Plumbing, Inc. We are fully aware of the plumbing issues in the city. Many homes and businesses face major problems due to malfunctioning plumbing on a daily basis. But relying on us, we guarantee you the best services for plumber Woodland CA!

Frequently Asked Questions about Plumber in Woodland CA

How long does it take to replace my Water Heater?

Tank Type usually takes 3 to 5 hours to replace it.
Tankless Water takes 6 to 12 hours depends on 2 factors:

  • is there near by gas source and is there enough BTU to support installation.
  • How far is the source to install dedicated gas line to the Tankless.

Why does my Toilet keep running?

Most likely the flapper not closing on or not making a proper seal. Also if the flapper worn out then the flapper need replacement with a new one.

Can I use chemicals to clean my drain or sewer?

No, I don’t recommend that at all. These toxic chemicals are very bad for your pipes, causing them to deteriorate from the inside out. If this happens your drain lines will need to be replaced.

What should I do about the offensive odor coming from my garbage disposal?

Disposal odor is caused by food debris. Start by running ice cubes, lemon or orange peels, and the disposal for 30 seconds. Dish soap should be sprayed into a running disposal. Finally, give the device a 30-second rinse with cold water.

What replacement options do you have for the toilet?

Federal regulations limit the flush volume of new toilets to 1.6 gallons. Toilets that did this, cleaned the bowl, and transported waste to a sewage or septic system had to be made by manufacturers. Early models fell short. Since then, complaints have led to modifications in toilet flushing procedures. Water under extreme pressure is sprayed into the bowl to clean it. These restrooms function well but are extremely noisy.

How do grease traps function?

Commercial grease traps stop grease from clogging drain lines and going into the sewage. To utilize and maintain grease traps and interceptors, restaurant and commercial kitchen management must be knowledgeable about these devices.

How can I get a toilet to move?

Prevent the toilet bowl from filling up. To stop water from entering, remove the tank’s lid and close the flapper valve. Turn off the supply valve after raising the float to stop water flow.

Why does flushing my toilet smell?

The wax ring is not enclosed on the toilet or floor when the toilet smells terrible. Air must first be forced out of the drain by water. The wax ring will push through the floor and the toilet and into the room rather than down the pipe if it isn’t sealed. Re-seal the toilet and clean the main vent to get rid of bathroom odor.

Do I need a drain pipe for my new water heater?

Water heater drain pipes are connected to recirculation lines. A recirculation line reduces water waste and maintains the temperature of pipe water. A pressure relief line might be present. Floor drains are reached by pressure relief pipes.

The kitchen sink is rusty, why?

Most likely, your drains need cleaning. These lines are clogged by grease, food particles, and soap scum. The deposit eventually causes the interior diameter of the drain to decrease, limiting water flow.

What can I do to stop clogged drains?

  • Watch what you dump down the drain first, of course. Drains become clogged with soap dirt, hair, grease, and tea leaves.
  • Use a strainer to cover the drain. This removes organic waste and brushy material before they clog the drain.
  • After using it, thoroughly clean the sink with hot water.
  • Periodically pour baking soda down drains. hot water is next.
  • Pour vinegar and baking soda down the drain. 15 minutes after soaking, rinse with hot water.
  • Don’t use caustic drain cleaners. These sometimes fail to remove the clog and can damage pipes.

Water Heaters Repair, Replacement & Installation

We are an insured plumbing/heating company that provides Hot Water Heater Service and Installation in Woodland CA and surrounding areas. Call us 24-hours a day for prompt emergency service assistance.

We can handle any type of water heater you have installed or plan to install;

  • Tank water Heaters ( Natural gas, Lp, Electronic)
  • Tankless Water Heaters

Hot water heater maintenance and installation are completed swiftly and expertly by our plumbers. Ignoring the indicators may result in rust and expansion if your water heater needs to be replaced or repaired. Just leaving this might result in mold issues in the road. We are able to restore or replace.

We provide a water heater repair company that excels at skilled water heater maintenance in order to keep your water heater operating safely, effectively, and consistently. When you rely on us for water heater replacement or repair, you can be sure that you will receive high-quality service from a skilled plumber.

Toilet Repair and Replacement & Installation

You’ve found the best location if you’re seeking for a skilled plumber in Woodland. Because we are aware that blocked toilets can be a bother, we are swift and effective when servicing them.

It could be time to call Home Care Plumbing, Inc. If something, such as tissue paper or an object, becomes trapped in the drain, if your toilet leaks or you  want to install a new toilet. Our skilled plumbers can unclog any toilet drain and bring clogged drains back to vigorous flushes that will make you forget about the accident. For a free estimate or emergency plumber service, get in touch with us today!

Hot and Cold Water Repiping Services

We provide the best services for plumber Woodland CA! Pipe repair is often preferable to replacement. Fixing water leaks is desirable, for example. In many cases, repiping is desirable. Whenever:

  • changing water’s color or pressure.
  • identifying bad-tasting or-smelling water.
  • water costs rising
  • When leaks occur regularly, repiping might save money.
  • Repair rusted, old pipes.

Our plumbers can handle all these concerns. Your pipes may be causing filthy water, low water pressure, and high water bills. Contact us for a repiping estimate. We repipe hot and cold water lines. Our emergency plumbing services can handle all of your plumbing issues right away!

Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

We can examine, switch out, fix, or install broken garbage disposals, allowing you to restore functionality to your home or place of business!

The majority of us rely on garbage disposals that are in working order, but when you own a business, garbage disposal plumbing service becomes essential. By grinding up garbage before it enters the drain pipes, kitchen disposals are used in a lot of flats and businesses to lower the possibility of plumbing clogs. Kitchen downtime is unaffordable for apartments, schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes. Contact us for the plumber near me in Woodland CA!

Sewer Camera Inspection and Sewer Unclog

Plumbing equipment is essential and includes cameras. Plumbers can inspect water pipes and drainage systems using underwater plumbing cameras. Sewer lines are examined with cameras. To start the examination, a skilled professional inserts a rod with a high-definition video camera into your sewer system. Modern drain cameras can move through sewer lines and inspect pipes and pipe walls with a diameter of 2 to 36 inches thanks to their flexibility. Using live video, the expert can assess the state of your sewer and drain systems. On a monitor, you may inspect the problems, and the video is saved. We are here to provide you with the top plumbing services in Woodland!

Hydro Jetting for Drains and Sewers

We provide quick and effective emergency plumbing in Woodland CA service! Your home or company may be impacted by clogged plumbing. Sewer backups and recurrent blockages are common issues for property owners. Call a plumber if you wish to avoid these issues. We have speedy solutions. Our plumbers provide commercial and residential services like drain cleaning and hydro-jetting. Sewers can be effectively unblocked by hydro jetting. Pipes are cleaned when debris and accumulation are removed by high-pressure water. It can get rid of tree roots and is efficient for all pipe systems. Maintaining clear drains can be done at a reasonable cost by using hydro jetting.

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

If you’re remodelling your kitchen or bathroom, consider using our top-notch services! Since the kitchen and bathroom are the main hubs of activity in your home, it is crucial to make sure the plumbing is up to the task. This necessitates paying close attention to your home’s sink, fixtures, faucets, and garbage disposal. Our  plumbers are experts in a variety of kitchen and bathroom plumbing services. These services are designed to guarantee that your bathroom and kitchen continue to function safely and efficiently. Your quest for the top Woodland CA plumber services is over right here!

Repair, Replacement, and Installation of Sewers and Drains

Only an expert drain cleaning company should be trusted with the yearly responsibility of inspecting and maintaining drains and sewers. We offer safe and effective sewage and drain cleaning services in Woodland, California, making sure to give you the best plumbers available. To properly eliminate clogs and silt from your drain and sewer system, we use tried-and-true methods. If you see any of the following symptoms, you could want professional drain cleaning services:

  • In your bathtub, shower, or sink, water that is still or moving slowly.
  • Either the toilet is not flushing correctly or it is refilling slowly.
  • The sink is emitting obnoxious odors.

Clogged and unclean drains compromise your entire plumbing system. Contact us right away for timely and efficient drain cleaning if you notice any of these issues. For the best results, you can also schedule yearly visits. For all your plumbing needs, trust the experienced and reliable WoodLand Plumber and Rancho Cordova Plumber from Home Care Plumbing, Inc.”

Installation and Repair of Water Softeners

Are you considering installing a water softener because you are experiencing the unavoidable effects of hard water? For you, we can complete this task. Water softener installation is a specialty of our staff. Remove any risks associated with hard water. Call us right away to receive fantastic services for plumber Woodland CA services! Water softener advantages:

  • No more fingerprints on kitchenware
  • The shower softens the skin and hair.
  • reduces soap scum, making cleaning easier.
  • Shampoos and soaps foam up better.
  • Clean clothes appear better.
  • Dishwashers and coffeemakers have longer lifespans.

Give us a call and let us make your life easier by addressing any problems you find with your water softener if it has already been installed.

Installation and Repair of Gas Lines

Installation of gas appliances? If so, assistance is probably needed. Installing a gas line is a unique project. Lethal gas can enter your home from a leaking gas pipe. While slow leaks may have long-term health effects, large spills have the potential to start flames. Call us immediately away if you need gas line installation and repair. To assure safety, our gas line specialists use cutting-edge installation and leak-sensing equipment.

Symptoms of Gas Leakage:

  • Illness, dizziness, or fatigue
  • Plant fragments that have fallen or other wilting plants adjacent to your gas line
  • improper operation of gas-connected appliances
  • abnormally high gas prices

Repair and Replacement of the Pressure Regulator Valve

Your pressure regulator valve can require repair if it isn’t operating properly and you have concerns about how it’s being monitored. Please contact us if you need a valve repaired, and we’ll be happy to help!

If your valve is completely worn out or no longer functions, you must replace it. The best valve repair and replacement services are offered by our skilled plumbers. With our amiable demeanor and expertise, we are dedicated to serving our community!

Sink Plumbing, Faucet, Fixture, and Installation & Repair

In Woodland CA, Home Care Plumbing offers services for homes, businesses, and commercial buildings. We are a plumbing and heating company with solutions for your faucet, fixture, shower and sink plumbing installation. We are insured and licensed. Living in a home without a bathroom would be rather challenging, isn’t it? Every day, our customers depend on us to repair their dripping and leaking kitchen and bathroom faucets. Hair and soap scum can clog bathroom drains on occasion. Perhaps all you need is a new faucet. Low water pressure can also cause plumbing annoyances. Whatever the problem, We are  available around-the-clock for all your sink, faucet, fixture, and other plumbing requirements and provide the best services for plumber Woodland CA! We also provide services for plumber Davis California.

We are available 24/7 to help you!

The inability to serve customers results in financial losses for business owners. Dangerous situations prevent families from residing in their homes.  You are not by yourself. We are   available around-the-clock, on weekends, on holidays, and day or night. Call us anytime of the day or night and rest assured your problems will be resolved in the shortest possible time.

Plumbers in Woodland California with Affordable Pricing

We are completely familiar with the inconvenience a leaking pipe, blocked drain, non-functional water heater or any other plumbing issue causes. And also the importance of fixing them right away without any delay because these are unignorable. Treating them must not bother you in any regard. Such issues must be solved without disturbing one’s budget. We offer our services in a budget friendly manner while showing no compromise on quality and result we promise. Hiring us, we make sure you are going to have all your plumbing problems solved without emptying your pockets!

We have continued to strive for quality for more than 10 years. When it comes to trustworthy plumbing and heating professionals, Home Care Plumbing, Inc. is the top business in Woodland CA. By providing support to consumers during difficult times and promoting reliability, justice, and security to homes and businesses across this busy community, we take satisfaction in being steps ahead of our competition.


Neighborhoods in Woodland CA

Monument Hills, Natomas Park, El Macero Estates, East Sacramento, Downtown, Woodland Hills, Woodland West, Spring Lake/Conaway, Gibsan Ranch, Woodland Southwest, Spring Lake West, Mill District/Eastern Gateway, Gibson Ranch West, Gibson Ranch North, Covell Park

About Woodland CA

Approximately 15 miles (24 km) northwest of Sacramento, Woodland is a city and the county seat of Yolo County in California. It is a component of the Sacramento metropolitan region. In 2020, there were 61,032 people living there.
When California became a state and Yolo County was created in 1850, Woodland first appeared. The town has continued to expand since then. Due to James Moore’s efforts, the area was well irrigated, which attracted people to farming because the land was so fruitful. When receiving a federal post office, the county seat was transferred from Washington (the modern-day West Sacramento, California) to Woodland the next year after Washington was flooded. A train line and, more recently, Interstate 5 were added to Sacramento, both of which contributed to the growth of the city. You can know more about Woodland here.