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Put a full stop to your search for a residential or commercial plumber. Home Care Plumbing, Inc. is committed to deliver quality ensured output, providing solutions to all your plumbing issues. Trust us for the most reliable, remarkable, and economical services at your doorstep! We are ahead of others in providing complete and efficient services for plumber Davis CA!

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  • Licensed Plumbers
  • Skilled workers with 10 years experience
  • Emergency plumbing services
  • Fast response and effective service
  • Available 24/7
  • Punctual and reliable team
  • Usage of latest techniques
  • Complete domestic and commercial plumbing services
  • Affordable rates

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We oversee the work of every responsible handyman to make certain that they maintain a high professional level of performance at all times, and that you are satisfied with the services that you receive. Because of this, the feedback you provide is extremely useful to us.

Our dedicated team works strenuously to make sure our clients are happy and satisfied. Their trust is the main reason for our growing reputation. We never fail to overcome any challenge, our experience deals with all sorts of issues. Fixing all plumbing related problems, we feel privileged to put a smile on our clients’ faces!


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Joan Munch
Joan Munch
Had to have a garbage disposal removed and a new one installed. Received a very reasonable quotation, the two plumbers came at the time scheduled, and they went to work immediately. They did an excellent job. Even performed repair on a leak in the existing plumbing at no extra charge. They are excellent plumbers and I will consider using them on any future plumbing needs. I would also recommend them to anyone that has a need for plumbing work/repair. Ralph Munch
Jamal Abdrahman
Jamal Abdrahman
Excellent and quality work, yet affordable
Billy Duffy
Billy Duffy
One of our guys had hit a main water line that required a plumber that could react quickly. Sam, was "Johnny on the Spot" and was the only person that could give me the 30-45 minute emergency response time. All the other companies gave me windows of 2-4 hours which was unacceptable for our situation. He was professional and got the job done quickly. His hourly wage is comparable to others but his experience and speed in which he completed the repairs separates him from the rest. Thanks Sam!!
Jenna Conner
Jenna Conner
He was polite, professional and knowledgeable. The work was done right away and for a fair price. I would definitely use this company again.
Lisa Eager
Lisa Eager
Very responsive and professional, reasonably priced. Highly recommended this company!
Samantha Arens
Samantha Arens
Hosam and Jesse were prompt, courteous, and professional. It was easy to deal with them when they repaired a big leak in our sink line. Water was coming out of our foundation. Now it’s good. They even did some drywall for us.
Ethan Turner
Ethan Turner
These guys are great. Experienced professionals who showed up and took care of business on short notice. They figured out a cost effective fix and got right to it. I highly recommend Home Care Plumbing.
Andrea Mayer
Andrea Mayer
Excellent work. Honest, polite, hardworking, knowledgeable. Will be using Home Care Plumbing again- I highly recommend.
David J Grenier
David J Grenier
Sam, was very responsive.Came over and got my water heater working again. He seemed like an honest, reliable plumber to have and I will definitely use him again. Would recommend him and his services highly!
Helen Wong
Helen Wong
It is my blessings to find a good plumber. Hosam is polite, patient, knowledgeable, responsible, and more..... He charged a reasonable price for the work he did for me. I hired this company twice. Hosam fixed one of my bathroom Grohe faucets (over 20 years old) cartridges. I did not need to replace a new faucet and it saved me a lot of money. Then he fixed my master room shower cartridge and replaced a new kitchen sink faucet for my property. Hosam is the best and go above and beyond! From now on I will count on him to take care of any plumbing issues in my property. :):)

Our Plumbing Services in Davis CA

All Plumbing Work Services

We provide all kinds of plumbing services

Water line Repair, Repiping, Replacement & Installation

Repair, Repiping & water line replacement services

Water Heater Maintenance & Installation

Tank Water Heater (Natural gas, Lp , Electric) & Tankless Water Heater

Water Softener Repair & Installation

We are expert in repair and installation of water softener

Toilet, Sewer and Drain Repair, Replacement & Installation

Toilet, Sewer & Drain repairing, replacement and installation services

Sewer Camera Inspection and Sewer unclog

Video camera inspection for sewer & drain cleaning

All Drainage Cleaning & Hydro Jetting

We Provide Full Drain Cleaning Services. Sewer and Drain Hydro Jetting

Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

We take care of your garbage disposal repair and installation

Gas Line Repair and Installation

We provide Gas Line Repair and Installation Services

Pressure Regulator Valve Repair & Replacement

Get your pressure valve repaired or replaced by us

Commercial and Restaurant Plumbing

Get all plumbing services related to Commercial & Resturants

Bathroom/kitchen remodeling

We provide bathroom/kitchen remodeling

Frequently Asked Questions about Plumber in Davis CA

How long does it take to replace my Water Heater?

Tank Type usually takes 3 to 5 hours to replace it.
Tankless Water takes 6 to 12 hours depends on 2 factors:

  • is there near by gas source and is there enough BTU to support installation.
  • How far is the source to install dedicated gas line to the Tankless.

Why does my Toilet keep running?

Most likely the flapper not closing on or not making a proper seal. Also if the flapper worn out then the flapper need replacement with a new one.

Can I use chemicals to clean my drain or sewer?

No, I don’t recommend that at all. These toxic chemicals are very bad for your pipes, causing them to deteriorate from the inside out. If this happens your drain lines will need to be replaced.

How can I get rid of the foul smell emerging from my garbage disposal?

Food debris causes disposal odour. Start by running the disposal for 30 seconds with ice cubes and lemon or orange peels. Spray dish soap into the running disposal. Finally, rinse the mechanism with cold water for 30 seconds.

What do you suggest about replacing the toilet?

Federal standards limit new toilets to 1.6 gallons per flush. Manufacturers had to create a toilet that did this and also cleared the bowl and carried waste to a sewer or septic system. Early models failed. Since then, complaints have prompted improved toilet flushing methods.  A tremendous surge of pressurised water cleans the bowl. These toilets are really noisy and work nicely.

My kitchen drain takes more time to drain than usual. What do you suggest?

Consider using name brand drain maintenance solutions prior to having the drain cleaned. These products are made to remove food, grease, or hair buildups. Most of the time, these products can easily clear tiny obstructions.

Emergency Plumbing Services

We are available any hour of the day or night, anytime you need assistance. Including on the weekends, with Saturday pricing remaining the same as the other days. You may make a fast reservation for your plumber online through email. You can also talk to us by giving us a call. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with the customer support team whenever you like, thanks to our 24/7 emergency services for plumber Davis CA. The representative will contact the nearest handyman or plumber and assign him the task of fixing the issue, taking into account his availability.

Water Heater Repair and Installation

For the most part, since water heaters run for such a long time without trouble that they are easily taken for granted, water heater installation and maintenance are frequently postponed as long as feasible. But, scheduling water heater repairs with Home Care Plumbing, Inc. in advance can help you save both time and money. We have comprehensive expertise in water heater installation, maintenance, and repair, along with transparent, honest pricing. We are experts in handling all major types of heaters, so whether you need to install a new one or repair the faulty one, we can help you right away!

  • Tank Water Heaters (Electric, Natural gas, Lp.)
  • Tankless Water Heaters

Additionally, we install and maintain many commercial water heater models.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heaters replace the typical water heater tank with an electric or gas appliance that heats water immediately. Tankless water heaters heat only the water needed as it gets to the tap for immediate use. When you’re not utilising hot water, it’s not heated. Tankless water heaters can save households up to 35% on heating expenditures. We can provide an unlimited supply of hot water while saving you money and conserving water and energy.

Repair and Installation of Drains and Sewers

Repair and Installation of Drains and Sewers In order to solve the issue of a clogged drain, we not only clear the obstructions but also, where necessary, replace the drains. With the help of our sewer cleaning services, we can prevent issues from happening again.

Continual Drain Clogs

There are a few places where drain clogs frequently happen, like:

  • At fixture trap
  • The primary sewer
  • Sub Pipes with acute bends and directional changes
  • Drain pipes

Finding the cause of the issue requires the expertise of a competent specialist, and our plumbers have been working in the city long enough to know where to check for the drain blockage. To complete the task as quickly as possible, we can even follow clogged drains all the way to the sewage line.

Sewers and Drains Hydro Jetting

Our first course of action when a blockage is discovered by our video camera inspection is to use our hydro  jetting services. To unblock obstructions in pipe systems, a technique called Hydro jetting employs water at high pressure and speed. Following the discovery of a blockage, jetting will eliminate the issue, and only periodic maintenance will be required moving forward to maintain the lines clear and operating as intended. Similar to how blood vessels become blocked over time as a result of a bad diet, pipe buildups develop over time until a clog eventually occurs. Sand, oil, and silt build ups are the most typical and are quickly eliminated by jetting.

Video Camera Inspection

Our services for plumber Davis, CA also include video camera inspection of sewers and drains. In video pipe inspection, a camera is lowered into the drain or water pipeline labyrinth. The camera tells the technician where the problem is in the pipe or sewer when it reaches the obstruction. Sewers and pipes are usually buried deep underground and covered by vegetation. Roots and creepers grow into and around pipes over time. They steadily break the sewer or water pipe’s structure. Underground, these plants perform silent damage. When done with care, caution, and time, a video pipe inspection can detect the full problem and implement a thorough solution for lasting benefits. A sewer or water pipe also encounters rust, muck, sludge, oil-based cooking waste, etc. These concerns might obstruct or break sewer or water systems.

Repair and Installation of Water Lines

We have the complete know-how and experience necessary to install and replace water lines of virtually any size and length. We provide services that are both effective and convenient, so you can rest assured that the work will be completed to your satisfaction.

We are able to conduct an accurate assessment of your water lines and plumbing issues thanks to our comprehensive testing and diagnostic procedures, which include video camera inspection and the detection of leaks. Based on this assessment, we can decide whether your water line or plumbing line needs to be replaced or whether it can be repaired. When the water line can be fixed instead of replaced, we will do so. We are grateful to have such devoted consumers, and we are delighted to do all we can to assist them in lowering their expenses by providing options that are more cost-effective.

Hot and cold water Repiping

No matter if your water line is clogged or obstructed, we have a variety of services that can help you fix the problem. However, in the event that a line has been broken, we are equipped with the knowledge necessary to get your lines fixed or replaced as necessary and get your systems back up and running as quickly as possible. Our plumbers can easily install water lines and perform the repiping job for you whenever it is needed!

Leak Detection and Fixation

While it is not exactly inexpensive to fix a leaky sink or replace old or damaged pipes, a proper water leak repair will undoubtedly save you plenty of bother in the long run. If a leaky pipe or bathroom faucet is overlooked, the ensuing water streaks will destroy the timber base of your house, cause steel surfaces to rust, and encourage the growth of fungus on your walls and ceilings. Water may also start a fire if it comes into contact with any vulnerable electric cables. A leaking shower or dripping faucet, for example, will add a few additional numbers to your monthly water bill statement. Let’s not forget about this also.


How the leak is repaired?

The experts always begin by carrying out the following actions when they set out to complete plumbing repair, shower repair, or other repair work:


  • To locate the leak and identify its cause, they employ specialised water leak detection equipment;
  • In order to work safely, they cut off the main supply shutoff valve in your house.
  • They will also use the best plumbing technique to replace your shower faucet, fix your toilet, and take care of any other duties you require.

Gas Line Leak, Repair and Installation

Our expert plumbing professionals at Home Care Plumbing, Inc. are trained to install gas lines and find gas leaks so that repairs can be made. Be sure to put your faith in the industry specialists to deliver safe, quick solutions for gas emergencies that comply with local plumbing requirements, whatever your needs are for gas line installation or repair.

Because gas lines are required for a significant number of commercial plumbing applications, the installation and restoration of gas lines is a crucial aspect of the work that we perform. We offer emergency services for the repair of gas lines and the detection of gas leaks, and we can also assist you with any plumbing code violations you may experience. We are also able to install new gas lines and equipment that is powered by gas, in addition to repairing any equipment that you already have.

Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

Certain commercial enterprises, such as those in the food service industry, are dependent on their garbage disposals, which can take a lot of abuse from their staff. We are  able to install and repair garbage disposals of commercial grade for establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and medical institutions in Davis CA. Our services for plumber Davis CA, also include being able to fix garbage disposal in many different situations. If, on the other hand, the condition of your existing garbage disposal is such that it cannot be fixed, we are able to offer suggestions for a new unit and also install your new garbage disposal.

Toilet Repair and Installation

For any task involving the installation or repair of a toilet, hire an experienced plumber!

Not many people stop to consider how uncomfortable it might be when plumbing is damaged and has ramifications as a result. This seemingly innocuous clog in your toilet could result in repeated leaks, warped floors, and, worst of all, structural damage to your home. Things are only going to become worse with each passing minute, so you need to move quickly and call the assistance of some of the best plumbers in Davis CA, to deal with the debris once and for all. Let’s go over the advantages again:


  • The professionals are able to unblock toilet drains in addition to repairing or replacing taps, joints, baths, and other items; the specialists are able to install toilets, radiators, sinks, baths, dishwashers, and other items; the professionals are able to unblock toilet drains.
  • You can schedule an appointment with a plumber to work on your toilet plumbing on any day of the week, including bank holidays;
  • Make sure you plan ahead and take use of our online booking system to get an approximation of the costs, or you can call for a quote.

Water Softener Installation and Repairing

Because you cannot escape the consequences of having hard water in your home, have you given any thought to purchasing and installing a water softener? We are able to finish this job for your benefit. The installation of water softeners is one of our team’s areas of expertise. Eliminate any potential dangers that may be caused by hard water. Dial our number right away to take advantage of our excellent services for Plumber  Davis CA!

Water softener advantages;

  • There will be no more fingerprints on the cookware.
  • The skin and hair both become more pliable after a shower.
  • helps to cut down on soap scum, which makes cleaning much simpler.
  • The lather of shampoos and soaps is significantly improved.
  • When garments are clean, they look nicer.
  • The lifespans of dishwashers and coffeemakers are significantly longer.

If you have already had your water softener installed, give us a call and we can make your life easier by resolving any issues that you discover with your water softener.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodelling

The majority of homeowners approach renovation as an enjoyable job that involves design decisions and themed décor. You can choose new fixtures for your kitchen and/or bathroom that go with your new worktops, drawers, decor, and other design choices when you replace your plumbing. However, without the right professional plumbing business on hand when the parts start to arrive and it’s time for installation, things may quickly go wrong.

Kitchen and bathroom remodelling requires a plumber who knows Davis CA  codes and can cooperate with building officials. Your plumbing remodelling job will go well if your plumber has years of experience. We have over 10 years of expertise upgrading Davis CA, kitchens and bathrooms. We know the appropriate permits, follow local plumbing rules, and identify the right fixtures and parts. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, all of our work is guaranteed, and we’ll leave your home spotless.

Home Care Plumbing, Inc. can renovate your home or commercial plumbing. We give the greatest customer service and the cleanest, most timely renovations in the industry. Contact us if you have simple queries about fixtures, need guidance, or a list of building contractors. We can help

Pressure Regulator Valve Repair and Installation

Our plumbers are experts in all types of plumbing tasks. Hiring us, you can rest assured of complete satisfaction and guaranteed results. Their experience and professionalism brings joy to our customers’ lives when they see all their plumbing issues solved. We can also deal with the installation and repair of pressure valve installation and repair so you continue to work smoothly without any worry!

Commercial and Restaurant Plumbing

For any type of remodelling, safety hazard, or plumbing issue your company may have, contact us right now. In Davis CA, a significant portion of our plumbing business is commercial service. We understand how important it is to respond quickly to commercial plumbing emergencies impacting your business or property so you can get back to running your company as usual. For more than 10 years, we have offered warm service to commercial clients. We use our tools, labour, and expertise to resolve your commercial plumbing issues with the least amount of disruption to your day and the days of your clients. On all business plumbing projects, we provide upfront, honest pricing and a guarantee for all of our services for plumber Davis CA!


We extend our service for:

  • Bathroom and kitchen remodelling
  • Fixture and toilet repair and installation
  • Jetting service to unclog drains and sewers
  • Restoration of trenchless sewer
  • All types of water heater repair and installation
  • Sewer, gas and water line repair and replacement
  • Complete plumbing services for Three compartment sink
  • Maintenance and cleaning of grease traps
  • Services for floor sinks, floor drains, and floor cleaning
  • Replacement and repair of the trap primer
  • services for an underground sewer system
  • Drain and sewer venting service
  • Maintenance of backflow prevention

4 Easy Steps for a Plumbing System that Works Smoothly

1. Online plumber requests

Give us a call right away on the number given,  or email us by filling out the form on this website.

2. A plumbing technician shows up at your residence

We’ll send a licensed plumber who is outfitted with the proper equipment and supplies to inspect the task at hand.

3. You will receive experienced assistance till you are satisfied.

The professional will handle the plumbing installation or repair work competently and effectively.

4. Take pleasure in your new or restored plumbing fixture.

Once the specialist has completed his job and given it a final examination, there are no longer any concerns about a bothersome leak or a broken toilet.

We Take Care of Your Property!

We have access to a sizable local workforce of plumbing professionals that are standing by and ready to assist you with any kind of plumbing emergency. They are able to do their work fast while maintaining a high level of accuracy. That way, you won’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll solve your plumbing problem the appropriate manner. Also, the handymen will never make a mess at your residence if they are hired. Every time, the work area is left in a clean and orderly state.

Our plumber has access to all of the tools and supplies that are essential to resolving the issue you’re having. However, plumbing work frequently calls for the installation of new components. Our services are also available for plumber Woodland California. We are able to supply additional materials and replacement parts; however, you should be aware that these services will result in additional fees.


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Neighborhoods in Davis CA

About Davis CA

Yolo County, California’s most populous city is Davis, which is also the county seat. The city had a population of 66,850 in 2020, not including the on-campus population of the University of California, Davis, which was over 9,400 (not including student’s families) in 2016. The city is located in the Sacramento Valley region of Northern California. Get more information about Davis here. The institution currently had 38,369 students registered for classes as of the year 2019. According to the data provided by the United States Census Bureau, the total land area of the city is 10.5 square miles (27 km2). Land accounts for 10.4 square miles (27 km2) of the area, while water makes up 0.04 square miles (0.10 km2) of it (0.19%) Flat terrain has contributed to Davis’s reputation as a paradise for bikers, which has helped the city gain this status.