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Get all of your plumbing-related activities completed by our qualified and skilled plumbers who are committed to providing high-quality labor and outcomes that are guaranteed. We have been providing the best residential and commercial plumbing services for plumber Roseville CA for more than a decade.

What Makes Us Your Best Choice?

  • Licensed Plumbers
  • Trained professionals as employees
  • Services for emergency plumbing with 10 years of experience
  • State-of-the-art machinery
  • Trustworthy and efficient crew
  • Trustworthy and efficient crew and prompt response
  • Covers both the home and commercial sectors
  • Fair and reasonable pricing

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One of the fundamental requirements and a critical component of every home or commercial system is plumbing. Nobody can conceive living without the necessities of basic plumbing. Any plumbing issue can have a negative impact on one’s life; even a small leak or break can throw off your daily schedule. As a result, these issues cannot be avoided. They must be treated as quickly as possible!

Of course, you’ll hunt for a qualified and seasoned plumber who can handle any plumbing-related tasks for you. We take pride in the more than 10 years of plumbing experience we have, and we have been serving our clients whether they require plumbing for their home or company! We ensure that every plumbing issue you have is fully resolved. We continue to serve more and more individuals thanks to your happiness and confidence!

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Joan Munch
Joan Munch
Had to have a garbage disposal removed and a new one installed. Received a very reasonable quotation, the two plumbers came at the time scheduled, and they went to work immediately. They did an excellent job. Even performed repair on a leak in the existing plumbing at no extra charge. They are excellent plumbers and I will consider using them on any future plumbing needs. I would also recommend them to anyone that has a need for plumbing work/repair. Ralph Munch
Jamal Abdrahman
Jamal Abdrahman
Excellent and quality work, yet affordable
Billy Duffy
Billy Duffy
One of our guys had hit a main water line that required a plumber that could react quickly. Sam, was "Johnny on the Spot" and was the only person that could give me the 30-45 minute emergency response time. All the other companies gave me windows of 2-4 hours which was unacceptable for our situation. He was professional and got the job done quickly. His hourly wage is comparable to others but his experience and speed in which he completed the repairs separates him from the rest. Thanks Sam!!
Jenna Conner
Jenna Conner
He was polite, professional and knowledgeable. The work was done right away and for a fair price. I would definitely use this company again.
Lisa Eager
Lisa Eager
Very responsive and professional, reasonably priced. Highly recommended this company!
Samantha Arens
Samantha Arens
Hosam and Jesse were prompt, courteous, and professional. It was easy to deal with them when they repaired a big leak in our sink line. Water was coming out of our foundation. Now it’s good. They even did some drywall for us.
Ethan Turner
Ethan Turner
These guys are great. Experienced professionals who showed up and took care of business on short notice. They figured out a cost effective fix and got right to it. I highly recommend Home Care Plumbing.
Andrea Mayer
Andrea Mayer
Excellent work. Honest, polite, hardworking, knowledgeable. Will be using Home Care Plumbing again- I highly recommend.
David J Grenier
David J Grenier
Sam, was very responsive.Came over and got my water heater working again. He seemed like an honest, reliable plumber to have and I will definitely use him again. Would recommend him and his services highly!
Helen Wong
Helen Wong
It is my blessings to find a good plumber. Hosam is polite, patient, knowledgeable, responsible, and more..... He charged a reasonable price for the work he did for me. I hired this company twice. Hosam fixed one of my bathroom Grohe faucets (over 20 years old) cartridges. I did not need to replace a new faucet and it saved me a lot of money. Then he fixed my master room shower cartridge and replaced a new kitchen sink faucet for my property. Hosam is the best and go above and beyond! From now on I will count on him to take care of any plumbing issues in my property. :):)

Our Plumbing Services in Roseville CA

All Plumbing Work Services

We provide all kinds of plumbing services

Water line Repair, Repiping, Replacement & Installation

Repair, Repiping & water line replacement services

Water Heater Maintenance & Installation

Tank Water Heater (Natural gas, Lp , Electric) & Tankless Water Heater

Water Softener Repair & Installation

We are expert in repair and installation of water softener

Toilet, Sewer and Drain Repair, Replacement & Installation

Toilet, Sewer & Drain repairing, replacement and installation services

Sewer Camera Inspection and Sewer unclog

Video camera inspection for sewer & drain cleaning

All Drainage Cleaning & Hydro Jetting

We Provide Full Drain Cleaning Services. Sewer and Drain Hydro Jetting

Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

We take care of your garbage disposal repair and installation

Gas Line Repair and Installation

We provide Gas Line Repair and Installation Services

Pressure Regulator Valve Repair & Replacement

Get your pressure valve repaired or replaced by us

Commercial and Restaurant Plumbing

Get all plumbing services related to Commercial & Resturants

Bathroom/kitchen remodeling

We provide bathroom/kitchen remodeling

Frequently Asked Questions about Plumber in Roseville CA

How long does it take to replace my Water Heater?

Tank Type usually takes 3 to 5 hours to replace it.
Tankless Water takes 6 to 12 hours depends on 2 factors:

  • is there near by gas source and is there enough BTU to support installation.
  • How far is the source to install dedicated gas line to the Tankless.

Why does my Toilet keep running?

Most likely the flapper not closing on or not making a proper seal. Also if the flapper worn out then the flapper need replacement with a new one.

Can I use chemicals to clean my drain or sewer?

No, I don’t recommend that at all. These toxic chemicals are very bad for your pipes, causing them to deteriorate from the inside out. If this happens your drain lines will need to be replaced.

Are the toilet plumbers licensed and insured?

Because every specialist we assign is fully insured and adheres to health and safety laws, you can rest easy knowing that your property is in good hands. They are certified plumbers.

Have you been able to locate any extra or brand-new fixtures or toilet repair parts?

Of course, the technician has the option to order and acquire all the supplies and components required to complete the job. He can also help you choose fittings that go with the layout and design of your bathroom or toilet.

What should I keep in mind when replacing my electric water heater installation?

Once your water tank is properly positioned, check your next electricity bill; you should see a sizable decrease! Additionally, you will receive wise guidance from our kind professionals on how to keep your boiler operating at peak efficiency. Additionally, the professionals will make sure that you select a dependable fuel source, have the proper tank (or tankless) type and storage capacity, and are covered by a thorough guarantee.

How is the leak discovered?

Quick and proficient handymen are taught to look for leaks and other telltale signs around your home to swiftly find the issue. The professionals can repair leaking faucets, clogged toilets, and rusty pipes because they are conversant with all kinds of water plumbing systems.

Do you offer aid in case of an emergency?

We are available around-the-clock to address any problem, including plumbing problems that prevent you from going about your everyday business. Anytime you need assistance, just give us a call, and we’ll be there immediately!

Reliable Plumbing System Installation and Repair

Any kind of maintenance or repair work, from the smallest to the largest, can be done by our staff. Instead of focusing on quick fixes, we offer complete, long-lasting solutions, and we always explain what we’ll be doing before we start so that you understand what will be happening and why. We have established our credibility both in the residential and business sectors. We quickly diagnose the issue using the most recent methods and tools, and we get to work doing whatever is required immediately. By working with us, you can rest easy knowing that all of your plumbing problems will be resolved as quickly and effectively as possible. Call us if you require a plumber near me in Roseville CA!

Professionally Trained Team

Your home’s or company’s plumbing system is highly intricate. Finding the source of a plumbing issue may feel like solving an intractable puzzle because so much of it is hidden from view. Sometimes it may be tough to tell if you even have a problem, but other times, issues like a clogged drain or a leaking pipe are obvious issues that can happen at any time. It’s crucial to seek professional help as soon as you notice a plumbing issue because any plumbing issue can seem overwhelming. Home Care Plumbing, Inc. is a reputable plumbing business that offers dependable service the same day it is called out and is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Fully Equipped and Reliable Plumbers

Since we value our valued customers and their time, we’re committed to providing prompt assistance. We are never late and never act lazy because we understand the value of time. We start working as soon as the hiring process is complete,  arrive on time, and complete the task before the deadline. Employees at Home Care Plumbing, Inc. are dependable and have received professional training. We handle everything politely, take good care of your property, and when the job is finished, leave the area tidy. Our plumbers are completely secure. We have all of the required tools and supplies with us. By utilizing the most recent methods, we guarantee that your problem is correctly diagnosed and that the procedure is carried out as necessary! To ensure that you always get the best results, we constantly keep ourselves updated and trained on the newest products available.

Water Heater Installation, Repair, and Replacement

We are capable of handling all varieties of water heaters. We can assist you if you need to install a new heater or if you need to fix your broken heater.

  • Tank Water Heater (Electric, natural gas, Lp. )
  • Tankless Water Heater


Our team includes some of the best plumbers in the business. We exercise extreme caution and act in your best interests when repairing or installing your water heater. Our plumbers arrive in fully loaded service cars with everything they need, and they are properly licensed and trained. While treating you, your home, and your assets with decency and respect, we go “far beyond” to provide you the best answers we can. You can rely on us to provide the best plumber Roseville CA services! You can also avail our residential and commercial services for plumber West Sacramento CA.

Services for Tankless Water Heaters

In addition to offering an endless supply of hot water, tankless water heaters also lower utility costs by only heating water when it is actually needed. Because they don’t hold warm water, they have a lower risk of serious leaks, need less maintenance, and last years longer than traditional water heaters. They also take up a lot less space! If you’re considering making the move to a tankless water heater, the experts at Home Care Plumbing, Inc. can help you choose the model that would be most effective in your home and then quickly and correctly install it. Hiring us, you are going to experience the best services for plumber Roseville CA!

Installation and Repair of Gas Lines

In addition to being effective and leaving less of a carbon footprint, natural gas frequently costs less than electricity. Gas lines should only be installed and repaired by trained professionals in order to guarantee the highest level of safety. Whether you need a new gas line installed or have issues with an existing gas line, you can count on us for natural gas plumbing services. Our licensed experts will properly install or repair the gas line in your home so that you can benefit from this powerful fuel source in a secure way.

Repair and Replacement of Pressure Regulator Valves

All plumbing work is capable of being done by our plumbers. You may depend on complete pleasure and the desired outcomes while working with us. When we resolve all of our customers’ plumbing problems, our expertise and professionalism improve their lives. We can also install and fix pressure valves so you can keep working without interruption.

Water Line Replacement and Repair

Your water line may be buried below, making it challenging for you to see if it is defective, broken, or exhibiting any other form of issue. When this happens, it does provide clear signs that can help you determine whether your water line is malfunctioning or not. These are the signs of:

  • Neither enough water pressure nor any water.
  • a number of the fixtures have plumbing issues.
  • Water that is discolored or hazy
  • a yard with an abnormally high water level.
  • a significantly higher than usual water bill
  • a crevice in your yard

Repiping of the Hot and Cold Water Lines

The knowledgeable experts at Home Care Plumbing, Inc. can replace your water line quickly and affordably whether it has been significantly damaged or has just torn over time. We replace your water pipes without digging trenches in an effort to minimize the amount of damage to your yard. An investment in a new water line is one that will provide your home with clean water for many years to come. You will be able to find money in your budget for even an unforeseen water line repair thanks to our flexible financing options!

Commercial Restaurant Plumbing

Some of our commercial plumbing services for plumber Roseville CA;

  • Kitchen and bathroom remodelling
  • Backflow prevention- Backflow occurs when the water flow in your plumbing system reverses, causing contaminated water to flow backward. Through back pressure, this contaminated water reaches “clean” water lines. To keep your plumbing system in good condition all year long, Home Care Plumbing, Inc. offers backflow prevention services.
  • Complete services for sewer and drain venting are provided by Home Care Plumbing, Inc.
  • Services for replacing and repairing the trap primer in an underground sewer system.
  • Services for floor sinks, floor drains, and floor cleaning
  • Complete plumbing services for grease trap maintenance and replacement
  • Three Compartment Sink: We can install and fix three compartment sinks.
  • installation and repiping of sewer, water, and gas lines
  • Installation and repair of water heaters
  • Assistance with trenchless sewage systems
  • Toilets, sinks, and other fixtures are repaired and installed.
  • Drain cleaning with hydro jetting
  • Installation and repair of garbage disposals

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodelling

A fully functional plumbing system is necessary for any home. Having a working plumbing system is essential because the kitchen and bathroom use water regularly. Additionally, it is one of the locations that needs maintenance the most regularly. Due to wear and tear, plumbing can degrade over time, leading to anything from leaking sinks to sewer pipes. It’s crucial to realize that when these problems happen, aid is at your doorstep. For services in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, you may rely on Home Care Plumbing, Inc. Your kitchen and bathroom plumbing needs can be routinely maintained by our skilled professionals, who have vast knowledge in all types of repairs. We offer a variety of plumbing services that can assist you in maintaining and fixing your current systems, and we are always accessible to tackle any repairs, regardless of how big or small.

Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair

Some businesses rely on their garbage disposal, which may take a lot of abuse from their personnel, such as those in the food service industry. For businesses including hotels, restaurants, and healthcare institutions in Roseville, California, we install and maintain commercial-grade garbage disposals. Along with supplying plumbing services, we also have the ability to mend garbage disposals in a variety of circumstances. On the other hand, if your current garbage disposal is in such bad shape that it cannot be repaired, we can recommend a replacement unit and install your new garbage disposal.

Performing Water Softener Installation and Maintenance

Have you considered acquiring and installing a water softener because there is no way to avoid the effects of having hard water in your home? We can complete this task to your satisfaction. One of our team’s specialties and areas of experience is the installation and repair of water softeners. Remove any and all risks that the hard water might introduce. Call us right away to benefit from the fantastic services we provide for plumber Roseville CA!

Sewer and Drain Maintenance, Installation, and Repair

Cleaning, repairing, and installing drains and sewers are also included in our list of services for plumbers in Roseville, CA. Your routine may be disturbed, and you may experience stress. Nobody likes having clogged drains or sewers in their home or place of business. Plumbing efficiency depends on keeping drain lines clear. In addition to frustrating you, a blockage wastes water and drives up your costs. To clear clogs from your sewer or drain, we provide expert drain cleaning services. We are experts in pipelining and obstruction examination. Professional and skilled, our crew has years of experience. Both normal maintenance and emergencies are handled by us. We can install new sewers and drains for you whenever they need to be updated!

Video Camera Inspection of the Sewers and Drains

Sewer and drain video camera inspection is another service we offer for plumber Roseville CA.. During video pipe inspection, a camera is lowered into the water or drain pipes. When the camera encounters an obstruction, the technician is advised of the location of the issue in the sewer or pipe. Over time, roots and creepers colonize pipes. They gradually damage the structure of the water or sewage pipe. These plants stealthily erode the soil. A video pipe inspection, when done with care, caution, and patience, can identify the root of the issue and fully resolve it for long-lasting advantages. Rust, dirt, sludge, oil-based cooking waste, etc. may also be present in sewer or water pipelines. These issues could impede or damage water or sewer systems.

Drains and Sewers Hydro Jetting

When an obstruction is found by our video camera examination, we promptly deploy our hydro jetting services. Hydro jetting, a technique that employs water at high pressure and speed, to clear obstructions in pipe systems. When a clog is found, jetting will remove it; after that, only normal maintenance will be needed to keep the lines open and functioning as intended. Similar to how a poor diet gradually results in blood vessels becoming blocked, buildups in pipes accumulate over time until a blockage happens. The most frequent buildups include sand, grease, and silt, which hydro jetting may easily remove.

Installation and Repair of Toilets and Sinks

To ensure that you have exactly what you need for your makeover, our plumber will go above and above. We can also install any plumbing-related items as well as fix any fixtures! The toilet and sink in your bathroom are daily requirements. Poor bathroom plumbing can be a problem for a variety of reasons. Because of the many uses for bathroom sinks, the requirement for toilets cannot be disregarded. You should get an experienced plumber to repair and restore them if they are not functioning properly.

Your bathroom toilet and sink can be installed by our specialists. They have the skills to replace, unclog, repair, and even install new sinks and toilets. Although the installation procedure may appear straightforward, it takes knowledge and experience to make sure it is securely fixed and functions as intended. Bathroom sink and toilet installations without causing tile damage are something that Home Care Plumbing, Inc. is skilled at.

We Place a High Value on Your Property!

We are able to get in touch with a sizeable local plumbing crew that is ready to assist you with any kind of plumbing issue right this second and is available in our area. They are able to do their work rapidly while maintaining a high level of accuracy. You won’t have to be concerned about whether or not they will manage your plumbing problem in an appropriate manner if you proceed in this manner. If you hire a handyman to do the work, you won’t have to worry about them making a mess elsewhere in your home. The condition of the workstation is always left in a spotless and ordered state after each use. If you’re looking for a top-notch plumbing solution, look no further than the Plumber in Roseville and expert Rancho Cordova Plumber from Home Care Plumbing, Inc.


Neighborhoods in Roseville CA

About Roseville CA

The most populated city in Placer County, California, which is a part of the Sacramento metropolitan area, is Roseville. According to the US Census Bureau, the city had 141,500 residents as of 2019. State Route 65 passes through a portion of Roseville’s northern boundary while Interstate 80 passes through the city. There are numerous businesses in Roseville. Large retail centers have been encouraged to be built, including one of the largest car malls in the nation, which has considerably increased the amount of sales tax collected by the city and county. The city of Roseville has been able to maintain the city’s infrastructure despite a sharp rise in population in large part because to revenue from sales tax. A variety of dwellings, small and large employers, as well as retail options, have been developed by this environment. Roseville is home to Roseville Golfland SunSplash, a well-known water park. One of the city’s businesses is financial technology unicorn GoodLeap. Get all information about Roseville Chamber here.