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Get our professional and efficient services for your kitchen and bathroom remodelling. We are experienced plumbers who promise to provide the best services for kitchen remodel Rancho Cordova and bathroom remodel Rancho Cordova!

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  • Experienced experts to perform kitchen and bathroom renovation
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  • Fully equipped
  • Emergency plumbing services
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  • Economic pricing
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Kitchen Remodel Rancho Cordova

Making modifications in the kitchen may be a big, time-consuming process because it demands a significant amount of money. As a result, mistakes can not only be expensive but also inconvenient.

 It is said that the core of the house is in the kitchen, but the plumbing system of the house  also beats in the kitchen. Kitchens have a variety of plumbing appliances, including sinks, faucets, dishwashers, and garbage disposals, all of which must operate properly.

We can take care of all of your needs for kitchen plumbing. So if you are looking for a local plumber to get services for kitchen remodel Rancho Cordova, we are here to help you!

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Joan Munch
Joan Munch
Had to have a garbage disposal removed and a new one installed. Received a very reasonable quotation, the two plumbers came at the time scheduled, and they went to work immediately. They did an excellent job. Even performed repair on a leak in the existing plumbing at no extra charge. They are excellent plumbers and I will consider using them on any future plumbing needs. I would also recommend them to anyone that has a need for plumbing work/repair. Ralph Munch
Jamal Abdrahman
Jamal Abdrahman
Excellent and quality work, yet affordable
Billy Duffy
Billy Duffy
One of our guys had hit a main water line that required a plumber that could react quickly. Sam, was "Johnny on the Spot" and was the only person that could give me the 30-45 minute emergency response time. All the other companies gave me windows of 2-4 hours which was unacceptable for our situation. He was professional and got the job done quickly. His hourly wage is comparable to others but his experience and speed in which he completed the repairs separates him from the rest. Thanks Sam!!
Jenna Conner
Jenna Conner
He was polite, professional and knowledgeable. The work was done right away and for a fair price. I would definitely use this company again.
Lisa Eager
Lisa Eager
Very responsive and professional, reasonably priced. Highly recommended this company!
Samantha Arens
Samantha Arens
Hosam and Jesse were prompt, courteous, and professional. It was easy to deal with them when they repaired a big leak in our sink line. Water was coming out of our foundation. Now it’s good. They even did some drywall for us.
Ethan Turner
Ethan Turner
These guys are great. Experienced professionals who showed up and took care of business on short notice. They figured out a cost effective fix and got right to it. I highly recommend Home Care Plumbing.
Andrea Mayer
Andrea Mayer
Excellent work. Honest, polite, hardworking, knowledgeable. Will be using Home Care Plumbing again- I highly recommend.
David J Grenier
David J Grenier
Sam, was very responsive.Came over and got my water heater working again. He seemed like an honest, reliable plumber to have and I will definitely use him again. Would recommend him and his services highly!
Helen Wong
Helen Wong
It is my blessings to find a good plumber. Hosam is polite, patient, knowledgeable, responsible, and more..... He charged a reasonable price for the work he did for me. I hired this company twice. Hosam fixed one of my bathroom Grohe faucets (over 20 years old) cartridges. I did not need to replace a new faucet and it saved me a lot of money. Then he fixed my master room shower cartridge and replaced a new kitchen sink faucet for my property. Hosam is the best and go above and beyond! From now on I will count on him to take care of any plumbing issues in my property. :):)

Let’s Help you Remodel Your Kitchen!

Fixing Faucet

Having faucet issues? Okay! Our kitchen plumbers fix compression, clip, ball, and tile disk faucets. We can remove tiny parts or install new fixtures.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes in kitchens, wastewater and money. Our  plumbers can identify and cure kitchen leaks.

Repairing of Dishwasher

Dishwashers not working properly can cause leaks, blockages, and more. We  can install or repair any brand of dishwasher and fix leaking supply lines.

Fixing Your Garbage Disposal

Fixing Your Garbage Disposal Many people don’t use them properly. Garbage disposals are only designed to handle little amounts of food debris, so they can clog easily. We’ll repair or replace your garbage disposal so your sink drains swiftly.

Cleaning of Kitchen Drains

If your kitchen sink drains slowly, you may need a drain cleaning. Mineral coatings, accumulation, scraps, and more can clog kitchen drains over time. Our services for kitchen remodel Rancho Cordova can also handle this.

Hiring us, you can rest assured you are going to experience the best services for kitchen remodel Rancho Cordova!

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Bathroom Remodel Rancho Cordova

Maintain your bathrooms with professional experts and get our excellent services for bathroom remodel Rancho Cordova!

Remodelling Your Bathrooms!

Are you thinking of a new bathtub, basin, or toilet? Worried about water leaks from a toilet or faucet leak? Or you are having any other plumbing issue. We can fix any bathroom plumbing issue for you.Is it time for you to spend money on sink replacement, faucet restoration, toilet repair, or blockage removal? Then there is absolutely no need to wait.

Call our experts to get the assistance for bathroom remodel Rancho Cordova!

You  can always get assistance from our skilled plumbers to maintain and repair their plumbing systems. Make an appointment with our office to learn more or to receive your  washroom plumbing service.

Services for Bathroom Remodel Rancho Cordova

Our plumbers offer:

  • Leak monitoring and restoration
  • Leak restoration
  • Blockage clearance
  • Hydro-jetting
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Pipe replacement
  • Toilet repair
  • New fixture installation

Fixture Replacement, Repair

Many bathroom fixtures are used daily. To perform effectively, your basin, toilet, bathtub, and bath need frequent maintenance. Broken or faulty fixtures can be a huge hassle. A competent plumber will promptly diagnose and repair the problem. They can also help avert future difficulties.

Fixing Leaks

If not remedied immediately, a toilet leak can harm your home. Water can leak into the floors and walls, enabling fungus to grow, leading to breathing problems and other severe health concerns. Leaks can harm your home’s integrity and cause fires. Bathroom leak repair is necessary to preserve your home and family’s health. Do not hesitate to approach us any time, thanks to our services for Emergency Plumber Rancho Cordova.

Unclogging Drains

Jammed up or slow sewers are big problems. Undrained water can cause overflow, erosion, and mildew . That’s why it’s necessary to invest in qualified drain cleanup and blockage clearance services. A professional specialist can swiftly and effectively clear your drains, saving home damage. Regular drain cleaning helps avoid obstructions, thereby saving you money and time.

If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom or any other plumbing service, trust us for the best services for bathroom remodel Rancho Cordova!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Rancho Cordova

Do you provide services for kitchen plumbing?

Yes, we’re experts in providing services for kitchen plumbing and kitchen remodelling.

Do you repair bathroom tubs?

Of course, we can do all the necessary work to fix or install your bath tubs.

My garbage disposal is not working properly, should I replace it with a new one?

Our skilled plumber, after analysing the condition and the extent of damage, will let you know whether you should buy a new one or whether it can be fixed.