About Us

Who We Are

Backed by years of experience working with the residential and business community in Greater Sacramento County and surrounding areas, owner Hosameldin Imbabi built Home Care Plumbing, Inc, from the ground up.

Our Customers

At Home Care Plumbing, Inc, we have the equipment and expertise to get your plumbing job right the first time.

This is our guarantee! We have been part of this community and we know what Sacramento residents and commercial businesses expect from a plumbing company.

Our Services

Our licensed plumbing technicians are prompt, courteous, and efficient. You find our office staff to be helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Our understanding of this trade makes it possible for us to serve our customers promptly.

We have a large inventory of plumbing equipment and parts from all major brands allowing us to provide them at the lowest price possible.

Why Us

We stand for

  • Quality service

  • Pride in our work

  • Value our customers

Hosameldin Imbabi President

My name is Hosameldin Imbabi. I am a husband and father of four beautiful kids. My family means the world to me. All my hard work and aspirations are geared towards their happiness and well being. That's why I am so dedicated to my business and work and want to make sure I am an inspiration to my family and kids. I immigrated to the United States with my family in pursuit of a better life. I worked under multiple plumbing contractors at first to gain experience before I finally decided three years ago to start my own business. If you hire me you will get nothing but great customer service, dedication, hard work, creativity, and quality you can trust!